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Design Concept
Design System

Live Sports Video Streaming App

Following trends of the sports media market, our team developed a full-stack solution for the live broadcasting of everything that happens behind the scenes of sports events. This platform allows fans to peek into the life of their favorite sports team only having a smartphone and Internet access.

Live Streaming, SportsTech
Design Concept
Design System

Interactive Walking App

As a public healthcare initiative, we created a fitness solution with gamification elements. The application inspires users to take long walks and makes everyday physical activity fun and game-like

USA, Ukraine
Mobile App, SportsTech
Design Concept
Design System

Mobile Marketing Solution for Retailers

We created the end-to-end marketing solution for retail businesses to personalize communication with customers’ clients via mobile app. Our innovative approach to mobile app development helped the customer improve sales success and increase clients’ loyalty.

Mobile App, Retail
Design Concept
Design System

Software for a Legendary Jukebox

Our team helped a US-based entertainment company to breathe a new life into a jukebox. Our experts changed the way an old-fashioned box of plates is perceived and delivered an interactive solution with enhanced searchability and user experience.

Mobile App, Media
Design Concept
Design System

Solution for XR Market

The headless SaaS platform developed by our team is open to connection to any environment. Companies across multiple industries are craving for this innovative solution that enables creating an immersive and engaging XR experience with their consumers.

SaaS, Technology
Design Concept
Design System

Online Betting & Gaming Solution

Want to feel the thrill and excitement without leaving your cozy place? To satisfy gambling enthusiasts 🎲, Leobit developed online betting & gaming solution with great UX. A wide selection of online games 🎮 and sporting events will help users to plunge into a world of fun and amusement 🎰.

iGaming Platform, Gaming

Delivering every step of design

  • UX Consulting & Audit
  • Research & Analisys
  • Workshops collaboration
  • Service & Product Design
  • Discovery Phase
  • Design Sprint
  • Service Blueprints
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Interface Design
  • User Testing
  • Design System
  • Guidelines & Support

Research & Analysis

One of the most underrated phases that actually brings real insights about specific problems needed to be resolved. Working closely with stakeholders and end-users to define the scope and elaborate concepts

  • UX Audit
  • Market & User Research
  • Personas & CJM
  • User Flows

Ideation & validation

Users and business data now need to be transformed into working solutions. Iterative collaboration and high level of engagement are crucial for this stage

  • Mindmap
  • Wireframes
  • Navigation Map
  • Clickable Prototype

Design & Testing

Adding aesthetics to the structured and usable interface, making it visually appealing and accessible. Now the product has its final look & feel and can be tested before launch

  • Moodboard
  • Design Concept
  • Design System
  • User Testing
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