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LeoStep Named the Winner of the 10th Web Excellence Award

Sep 28, 2023

LeoStep Named the Winner of the 10th Web Excellence Award

Lviv, Ukraine, September 2023 We are honored to announce that LeoStep, a mobile app designed by Leobit Design Studio, has been recognized as the winner of the 10th Web Excellence Awards in the category of best health and wellness mobile app.

In its 10th season, the Web Excellence Awards competition received over 1,500 entries, marking a year of fierce competition. From this astounding pool of entries representing 26 countries, LeoStep emerged as an esteemed winner. Our recognition in the Web Excellence Awards underscores our commitment to innovation, creativity, functionality, user experience, design excellence, technical prowess, performance, and overall impact, all rigorously assessed through their evaluation process.

LeoStep, the cutting-edge app for walking, running, and cycling, is gaining significant attention in the fitness and wellness industry. The app’s core concept revolves around the gamification logic, where users embark on a virtual treasure hunt to collect virtual crystals. This gamified approach serves as a powerful motivator, driving users to get moving and explore their surroundings while staying physically active.

LeoStep also promotes friendly competition among users to sustain their motivation and active participation. The app incorporates a dynamic tournament table, a feature designed to deeply engage users to maintain their physical activity routines on a regular basis. 

Dmytro Romanets, UI/UX Competence Manager: “​We are delighted that our diligent efforts and the expertise we have devoted to LeoStep have been recognized and appreciated by the esteemed Web Excellence Award. Receiving this award is a strong encouragement for us to continue delivering high-level UI/UX service with even greater enthusiasm.”

​​Leostep has also previously been recognized as the best fitness app by the Netty Awards, highlighting the app’s excellence in terms of user experience, functionalities  and content. 

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